Marie's Gift

Hello, it’s been a while since I did a blog but today I’m inspired.
You see yesterday I had perhaps the hardest role in my 2 years as a Celebrant and in a long time personally.
I conducted a “Celebration of Life” for a very dear friend of over 30 years who I consider family more than friend. It was a tough time as she had suffered a severe stroke and even though she had fought and won many battles with her health over many years this proved to be too much for her little body.
So those closest to Marie (pronounced Maaaaree) gathered ranks around her husband John and together we planned her service and what would happen on the day.
John had discovered a little pink book and inside it Marie had written down what she wanted for her funeral. The colour of the coffin, the flowers colours to go with the coffin and if the cream one with gold handles wasn’t available then to go with rosewood with different coloured flowers! There’s more. Her song choices, which curtains to close and when, and that she wished for John to release a single white dove at the end.
This actually gave John strength and resolve to carry out her wishes.
Yesterday, when it all came together I could see and feel that John was greatly satisfied that this had all happened for his beautiful wife exactly as planned.
Another close friend suggested that we dress a la Melbourne Cup style and even wear a hat. The 200 or so attendees were indeed colourful and stylish, just like our beautiful Mars Bar was throughout her life and it was a truly beautiful and warm celebration of her life.
Today I am going to go and buy a little pink book and write down my own wishes for my funeral and also some information for my husband regarding passwords to my Facebook accounts along with other information regarding bank accounts, credit cards and people who should be notified.
As I put this together I will make up a guideline, or kit if you like, and post it here for you to use to create your own little pink book.
What Marie did was give John a huge gift. It took the stress out of decision making for such things and knowing he had carried out her wishes gave him a lot of satisfaction and inner calm.
I encourage you to think about such things for your own loved ones. To make it easier for them and encourage them to do this for you.
I call it ‘Marie’s Gift’.