Champagne popping
There’s more…
Liz offers many other Ceremonies
to mark life’s big occasions
Here are some examples.

Naming Ceremonies
There’s a new baby in the family and the giving of a name is an occasion that deserves ceremony and celebration.
Just like a traditional religious christening we involve the parents and include the guardians as we welcome this new person into our lives and into his or her life ahead.
You finally bought
the boat you always wanted? Well there’s nothing like a proper launching, naming and let’s include the champagne (with a protective covering so as not to chip the new paint of course!) And welcome this new baby into the family properly!
The syndicate have a
new champion horse in the making? Those names go down in history and deserve an occasion, that goes for pets and houses/hotels/businesses too!

Commitment Ceremonies
Not everyone wants to take the step of marriage, sometimes life doesn’t go in that direction. But you might still want to make a declaration of commitment to each other with a ceremony surrounded by your nearest and dearest.
And it’s enough to do exactly that.
Maybe you’d like to combine it with your
engagement, making a commitment to one another in the lead up to your marriage.

Renewal of Vows
A beautiful way to mark a milestone Anniversary or, if like me, you have family in two countries then you may have had your legal wedding in another country. This is an option to have another celebration of your wedding with the family here. We did it the other way round and were married in Australia, then went to England and had our Marriage blessed and renewed our vows with all the UK family there. Even took the wedding dress and tiara and made it like another wedding almost. (Without the legal stuff of course or that would have been bigamy! OH!!! it’s true.)

Pet Funerals
Our pets are family too. I truly believe that we should have funerals for our furry and otherwise friends. They deserve it, and we need to have a process for our own selves as we grieve the loss of our dear companions who love us unconditionally. I have always said a funeral is as much for those left behind as it is for the ones we are farewelling. Allow me to prepare a small service for you, whether I conduct it or simply help you put it together to use as your own with your family around you in the back garden I am here to offer suggestions and ease the burden for a fond farewell.

Most commonly done when there isn’t a body in a coffin present at the service. Some of the reasons can be when someone is lost at sea, during war service or natural disasters or have donated their body to science. There are many reasons why this may be. It can also be an Anniversary of a death or when the deceased had a Private Funeral interstate or overseas and family, friends and loved ones unable to attend that service wish to mark this person’s passing with their own ceremony or service.
This can be done as a funeral like service or it can be a more relaxed and less formal style of gathering with a more upbeat approach in creating a celebration of a life well loved, lived and revered in a Venue that is not necessarily a chapel.

The options are only limited by our imagination
“All of these ceremonies can be arranged in sometimes less than a couple of meetings, usually just one initial meeting and then we can work on the phone, with email or Skype. We can incorporate some beautiful rituals or ‘ceremonies within the ceremony’ to each event more unique and memorable”.

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Liz lives in Balgowlah on Sydney’s Northern Beaches right next to Manly and it’s famous ferries. She is happy to travel anywhere.
Postal address: PO Box 1627, Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Australia
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